1. We come in a variety of beautiful skin tones

2. Are hair defies gravity

3. We stand out when it comes to fashion

4. We can do anything with are hair

5. We come with different eye 👁 colour

6. Variety of hair textures and colours

7. Blessed with our African features

8. Different body types

9. Absorb the suns energy

10. Melanin poppin’

11. Trend setters

12. We got that melanin glow

13. Look good in all colours

14. Strong minded

15. Inspiration

16. Independant 17. Make and made history 18. Nubian empresses from the start 19. Confident 20. Black don’t crack 21. Kind hearted people 22. Long, beautiful hair not weave 23. We got that Shrinkage like no other 24. We are beautiful on the inside and out 25. First female billionaire was black 26. Success makers 27. We are naturally gifted with amazing talents 28. We stand to support each other 29. Intelligent minds 30. Warriors